Inside the brain of a Geek: 3 things you do that Hackers love

In our fast paced world, we love our conveniences and our technology. These loves are leaving us wide open for hackers.  Below is a list of things you may be doing that Hackers want you to keep doing.


1.     You use the same password for all your accounts. I know it is hard to remember dozens of different passwords and that is why I use KeePass for password management.  Get KeePass and secure your passwords.

2.     You access secure websites on free Wi-Fi. You can find free Wi-Fi almost anywhere; library, coffee shops, hotels, bars, doctors’ office, car dealership. Free Wi-Fi is convenient but not secure.

3.     You answer security questions honestly. My very first pet was a kitten named Radar O’Reilly, and that is the truth.  Why is it safe to put this information out for everyone to see?  Every time that security questions is asked, I lie.


Do not trade security for convenience.