Inside the brain of a Geek: Creating hundreds of memorable and secure passwords made EASY!

This weekI want to expand on creating secure and memorable passwords. I’m going to show you how to take the one memorable and security password we created with our password formula and use it as a base to create hundreds of memorable passwords. If you need a refresher on password formulas, please read “Are you part of the 41.69%”.  Having a password similar to “0kittYHorse* is great and with the story behind it very easy to remember.  We are going to use the password “0kittYHorse* as a base password.  We will then add to it in a way that correlates to the website to create a unique password for each site.  My examples are using the first two letters from the website name and adding them to the front of the base password. 

First two letter examples:

Gmail =GM0kittYHorse*

Yahoo = YA0kittYHorse*

Visa = VI0kittYHorse*

Facebook = FA0kittYHorse*

Now in six months when it is time to change your password.  Change the base password only.  Here, is an example.  We have had two cats Jack is a Tabby and Shadow was a Korat.  Jack was born in 1998.  My base password is now 9tabbYKorat*.  Using my new base password, I will change all my passwords.

First two letter examples:

Gmail =GM9tabbYKorat*

Yahoo = YA9tabbYKorat*

Visa = VI9tabbYKorat*

Facebook = FA9tabbYKorat*


Never share your base password and change it every six to twelve months. Before you ask, no those are not my real base passwords, they are just examples.