Inside the brain of a Geek: Exercise with Me! (No Burpees, I Promise)

Sitting in front of a computer typing and click for hours cause pain and stiffness.  Doing this for years can cause repetitive stress injuries (RSI). I developed pain in my hands about a year ago and I use simple stretching exercise to help me alleviate it.  I now do these exercises several times a day as a preventative.



Wrists: With opposite hand, gently pull your fingers back allowing the wrist to bend. Hold for three seconds. Switch hands. Repeat three to five times.

Hands: Refresh your fingers by first making a tight fist with both hands and then spreading your fingers as far apart as they can go. Hold this for five seconds then repeat three more times.


Princeton University Ergonomics and Computer Use

Carnegie Mellon RSI Web Site


Your suggestions and questions are always welcome.  Please email me using the form on this website. You can google Burpee and see what I mean in the title.